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merey numerologist

Merey Numerologist

Languge: Telugu

Author:  Dr. Mohammed Dawood

Pages:  440

Cost : RS 800 /- (inc Delivery/VPP Charges)

Description : శ్రీ మహమ్మద్ దావూద్ తనలో ఉన్న పరిజ్ఞానం, అనుభవం క్రోడీకరించి తెలుగు పాఠకుల ప్రయోజనార్థం ఈ గ్రంథం మీ ముందుకు తీసుకురావటం జరిగింది. పాఠకులు దీనిని చదివి ఆకళింపు చేసుకొని ప్రయోజనం పొందుతారని మహమ్మద్ దావూద్ గారి ప్రగాఢ విశ్వాసం. ఈ గ్రంథం చదివి పాఠకులు తమ అమూల్యమైన సలహాలు, సూచనలు తెలియజేయగలరని ప్రార్థన.





About Author: Dr Md Dawood, the numerologist is idea to be deeply insightful, however refreshingly practical and down-to- Earth. He suggests you the manner numbers artwork in each a part of your life, on this form of way that you are feeling their electricity, you enjoy their presence, you gain extra statistics of your times and styles that can be maintaining you over again, and a smooth enjoy of the options and opportunities that lie before you. You find out in which you are to your progressive cycles, and benefit a experience of path as you test in which you’re going.He facilitated workshops in various elements of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana fundamental individuals on a powerful adventure of self-recognition and self-esteem, empowering them with a metaphysical tool as a manner to provide blessings of their private and expert lifestyles for destiny years.

Dawoods college students have turn out to be numerologists themselves through incorporating numerology into their very very own holistic exercise.
Mr Dawood is an creator, speaker, and a committed numerologist. He have emerge as first brought to numerology in 2002, pursued it inside the most profound manner. It is so thousands greater than a hobby or an hobby; it’s far his ardour. Being in authorities issuer until 2017 he sacrificed his profession by using way of not choosing promotions to align with artwork without a doubt with ardour.

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